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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

April 15/14 Barb from the Alzheimers Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories  (ASANT) presented an overview of the new ASANT CAFE which is an online reference and discussion website.  She gave a quick history of ASANT, First Link and a bit of her own background.  The ASANT CAFE is intended to be one more tool for people to use.  It is for people who may have dementia, may have been diagnosed and for caregivers.  It may be especially helpful for those in smaller communities who do not have access to the support groups.  Anyone can go on and read the Seeds of Hope.  To participate in Discussions you need to sign in and create a password for yourself.  A member of Southwood asked if there would be more info regarding Early On-set and Barb said the website will develop in response to how people use it. 

After the presentation we had general discussion.  2 new people attened our Caregivers group.  Some discussion regarding Power of Attorney VS Enduring Power of Attorney. 

One of our group has put her partner into care.  She reported it was a very difficult decision and very hard to do.  He is in a really great facility and there are a couple of other "younger" people there, but he is the highest functioning.  Each day when she stops after work to visit he has taken all his clothes out of the closet and drawers and has them stacked by the door.  And every day she has to put them all away.  One quality the caregiver appreciates at the facility is the fact that the people living there don't seem to spend a lot of time in their rooms.  When families visit, they visit in the living areas so it always seems to have a bit of a busy feel to the place which she thinks is helpfulfor her loved one.  The caregiver also says that her negative feelings of frustration and anger are dissapaiting.  She feels more love and compasion for her partner. 

Other discussion regarding "my constant shadow" the need to be always "on", constantly vigilant.  The daily demand of this is very stressful.  The partners usually want to be helpful, but they are generally a lot more work than if they didn't help at all.{jcomments off}

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