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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Discussion on hiring support staff.  You can hire through an agency but hourly rates are typically more that $20/hour, and often in the $23 to $25/hour range.  SMC gives us $18/hr.  It is hard to find people!  Lots of people don't want to work for under $20/hour, or are new(ish) to the country and unfamiliar with culture, some language problems.  Students (rec therapy, nursing, social work) can only work limited hours and typically not during the day.  Finding the right fit is a real challenge.  

Report of some good news on assisted living.  Signal Point (Carewest facility) is apparently going to have one area of their secured dementia unit for people under 65 years of age.  R has an appointment to meet and get more info.  

C reports that partner is now on list to go into assisted living.  He said that transition services from AHS was very helpful and reassuring.  Supposed you are to list 3 places and they will try to get the first available bed in one of the three.  But if the bed is in your choice #3, that is where the placement will be.  Unclear how/if you could get your partner moved to first choice.  

Some discussion of some new models of assisted living that are now in some other areas.  The Alz Society of Canada had listed 5 places in Canada they think are offering great care.  The following link will go to the site.


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