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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

How was Christmas?  a bit quieter for most. Less huge family get togethers, most taking it all just a little more gently.  That being said, most reported a nice season. 

Discussions - hiring your own staff.  What has worked for some, suggestions.  Important to read - Canada Revenue Agency has a document called Employee or Self Employed which has good info in it.  If someone is your employee, you need to pay EI, vacation pay, etc. If they are self employed, they should be making those payments themselves.  Make sure you are NOT assuming they are acting as their own company before they start. 

Discussion - day program in Calgary.  How is this going?

Positive:  people attending seem to be enjoying their day.  Variety of activities, kept busy and engaged.  Some physical, some cognitive, good visiting. 

Concerns:  2 days a week, need more.  Seems to be a high turnover of staff.  Seems to be a lot of staff for number of clients so how do people with a partner diagnosed learn about the program.  Of concern to the Southwood group is that this pilot is successful.  We want other communities to look at the pilot and see it as a viable option in their own community.  Still a mentality of providiing service based on caregivers being at home and available during the day whereas the majority of caregivers in this group are working.  how to meet and discuss issues when VON only wants to work during the day? 

Need more discussion here - perhaps those in the Southwood group who have partners at the day program should write a group letter about some concerns. 

Other news:  Lethbridge has a facility (assisteed living/secured units) that is gearing towards providing services for a "younger" population with complex health issues that need to be in care.  Fabulous news. Deb toured and reported that she had HOPE!. 

Provincial EOS - followup SKYPE meeting scheduled for Jan 14/14. 

Next meeting of Southwood is Jan 21 and many thanks to Tom our group Skype account is up and running.  Great option for those out of town or who just couldn't get away to the meeting. 

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