THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

One of the facilitators from the partners group came to the caregivers group to update us on what is happening there.  Typically Alz Society groups have certain rules which are established for people to be in a group.  We don't.  It is both liberating and challenging.  the facilitators will be asking the partners if they want to establish some guidelines and what they want the group go be doing/talking about.  Any caregivers who are concerned can talk to either Mare or Sharon. 

In the caregivers group the time was spent talking about what is happening in our own lives.  As our partners deteriorate, and they all are, things are becoming more challenging.  The pilot day program is having some issues as well.  Some partners are ok there, but some are bored.  Seem to need more activities and considering the number of staff it seems that not everything has to involve everyone.  Example, if someone doesn't want to walk, why does everyone have to go inside? 

Day to day for everyone: some of the caregivers talked about the need to always keep your voice on an even keel.  Raise your voice, allow your frustration or anger to show and the partner immediately reacts.  And each little thing that you decide not to do anymore is one more thing lost for the partner.  How do you know when your partner should go into care?    M has said she would write up some notes regarding her experience with her partner in care to share with us. 


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