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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Nice meeting, a new couple has joined. M shared a bit of their story.

a) Some discussion re the day program. Some positive reports/some negative.  Apparently a number of issues still to work out. 1)  when the open house was held the entire facility was presented as for use by the program but is actually used by a number of community groups.  Result-games room/gym etc are often booked for other groups and the day program is limited to one room.    2) scheduling issues.  It is apparent that VON day program/home care/demential team don't communicate well.  Are you approved for one day?  two days?  3) high staff turnover leaves clients a bit nervous.

b) how to manage day to day events with your partner at home.  A regular calendar that shows what will happen all month seems lots for some to focus on.  B has created a white board that just has Today's activities on it - 10am go to store, 2pm meet friend at library, 7pm meeting at Southwood.  Just focusing on Today seems easier to handle.

c) discussion re benefits (CPP/tax credit) led to discussion - how long before diagnosis were there events that eventually resulted in where they are today.  Many caregivers report 6-8 even 10 years of small issues but not identified. Lots of strain in relationships. 

Cold weather approaching has everyone thinking of travelling for meetings.  T will investigate multiple skype and whether or not we could use the TV at the church for video. 



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