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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Discussion of the new day program at Malborough. A few issues have arisen but most caregivers are hopeful they will work out through the fall. Not enough people are attending regularly but some of this may be attributed to summer holidays.  Concerns from clients included "I don't know anyone there", there aren't any other men". A couple of caregivers expressed concern that there is not enough communication between programmers and caregivers.  What are the expectations of caregivers?  Any meetings being set up to discuss how the program is working - strengths, things that need work. 

Reminder/update of provincial conference in Red Deer. 

General discussion.  For some the summer has been relaxing, the pressure has seemed to dissapated. For others, the opposite - two weeks with a spouse has made things achingly clear.  Lonliness is more acute.  One comment was made on earlier problems in the relationship and it was surprising to see how many couples echoed the problem. 

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