THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

New day program - very positive comments. Clients are being brought in slowly, activities not all organized yet but everyone involved feels that good efforts are being made and realize that anything new takes time.  Partners who attended feel respected, happy and were busy all day.  Not everyone has all the info yet, but Access Calgary requires a gtransit pass.  Either a van or taxi will pick up.  Transit coupons can be purchased at Safeway, Macs, Co-op $30 for book of 10.  Food/lunch will be billed out at end of month. 

Conference news - date not confirmed but Sept 14 or 21.  Will be held in Red Deer.  A lot of Calgary couples expressed interest in staying over Friday night for a social time and an less stressful start in the am.  Draft agenda was circulated.  Lots of enthusiasm for the conference. 

Note - changes to Alz Society Safely Home ID bracelets.  This program has been transferred to MedicAlert and is now available at a cost of $5/month. 

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