THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Word is that a partnership between VON and AB Health has been reached.  A pilot day program - 1day/week for Early On-Set only - so for our spouses who are still ACTIVE and Healthy in many ways.  Interested caregivers need to contact their home care nurses or the dementia team for info and to get registered.  In order for the program to be sucessful, partners should get involved as much as they can.  Know what is going on at the program and give your opinion. 

Discussion around how long does a partner live at home.  What is the line when the caregiver can no longer care for them.  Whose health is important.  Its not just the stress, although there is plenty of that.  Often partners are just physically exhausted, worn out.  We lose our work out time, our own physical health is compromised.  And what is the line?  It keeps moving.  When "this" happens, that will be the time.  But "this" happens, the partner finds a way to manage and the line moves. 

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