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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Dec 3/12  7 members of the Southwood Group met with 3 members of the VON executive team to discuss the needs and potential for a day program for those individuals diagnosed with Early Onset in Calgary.  Brenda took some notes and has kindly forwarded them.   For those who were not at the meeting and want more information they may contact some of the attending members, or bring their questions to the next meeting of the Southwood group.

-        Could SMC $ be pooled into ADP

-        Stumbling Blocks:

o   Money

o   Appropriate planning (resources & time)

o   Staffing 3 care patients to 1 staff

o   Steering Committee required (us)

o   Based on more of a Rec Therapy Model not Health Care

o   Medical staff person for drug administration

-        Location:

o   Community Hall Model

o   Accommodation for 15

o   Maybe only 10 dementia to start

-        Would keep to AH standards

-        Potential April 1 start date

o   5 day a week program

o   9 most likely confirmed from our group

o   No funding in place

o   VON guestimate budget $260k start up

-        Pilot program more likely to get funding

-        Stakeholders:

o    Mental Health Commission

o   U of C

o   Alz Society of Calgary and Alberta

o   VON

o   US

Next Step:

-        preparation of a document for next meeting with all stakeholders. (January)

-        We should have a one on one meeting with potential stakeholders to advise the purpose of the meeting.


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