THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

New faces bring back some painful memories. The disbelief, the frustration, the fear.  We heard their familiar stories and shared our thoughts. One of the main topics was of children - even though they are adults or perhaps because they are we don't necessarily recognize their fears and frustrations. Many feel as though they have lost both parents - one diagnosed with a terrible disease and the other consumed by it because of their role as caregiver. It may be time to try and organize another meeting for the adult children. 

Also, a brief overview of Bethany Harvest Care Centre in Calgary.  MofHealth Horne had cited Bethany Harvest as being a terrific care centre for those with dementia.  A tour revealed a terrific physical set up and some very good programs.  But they are full with 60 residents and the waiting list is LONG!

Also discussion re the next EODA meeting - Oct 25 in Red Deer

Deb brought some copies of the book the Silverado Story for people to read and share.  It is what she believes we should have for dementia care in this province.  People are encouraged to read and then pass on to other members of the group. 

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