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The following Do's and Don'ts are taken from Jennifer Ghent-Fuller's excellent article, "Understanding the Dementia Experience," which can be read in full by clicking on the link below. It is a worthwhile read that puts the Do's and Don'ts in their proper perspective.

        Direct link:  Understanding-the-Dementia-Experience (PDF)

        Full site link:  Understanding-the-Dementia-Experience - the website.


The Dont's

  • Do not reason and argue
  • Do not demand that they reason or problem solve
  • Do not demand that they remember
  • Do not demand that they get their facts straight
  • Do not correct their ideas or scold them
  • Do not reorient them
  • Do not think that they are being uncooperative on purpose
  • Do not think that they really do remember, but are pretending not to
  • Do not use a “bossy” dictatorial attitude in care
  • Do not act with impatience

The Do's

  • Enter into their frame of reality, or their 'world'
  • Be aware of their mood or state of mind
  • Use few words and simple phrases
  • OR use no words, just friendly gestures and simple motions
  • Do everything slowly
  • Approach from the front
  • Wait for a slow response
  • Constantly reassure them that everything is 'OK'
  • Keep people with dementia comfortable 'in the moment' - every moment
  • Maximize use of remaining abilities
  • Limit TV or radio programs which they may feel are frighteningly real
  • Maintain privacy
  • Provide a safe physical environment

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