THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Aug 10/14

A fabulous 10 days of freedom and a glorious break with friends living the lake life.  Rested refreshed I was actually missing him and looking forward to picking him up.  And he was pleased to see me and happy to be at home.  Respite said no problems, just great, easy to get along with. My issue is that it has now been a full week and he still can't wear real shoes or his good sandles.  He has been in my garden quarks since I took off his socks and saw his feet the night he was first home.  Huge broken blister on the heel of one foot, blister on the other, plus a couple of other raw rubs.  Two of his regular support staff reported they had to fix his runners when they went to see him; the tongue of his shoes not even visible it was turned and pushed under.  So how is it that when someone is getting him ready for bed or cleaned up in the morning that they don't notice this?  If this is an indication of "care" how will I put him in?  Will I have to go every day and check him out head to foot to ensure he is actually ok?  On the other hand, stripping the bed every day, pee on the bathroom floor and I suspect the carpet in the closet which is suspiciously damp.  But amiable, eager to help, to be with me.  Happy to go to Walmart, happy to putter and sweep in the garage, happy to pet, talk to nd cuddle his Willowkittty. If I continue to book respite maybe once a month maybe we can go a little longer.

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