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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

March 24/11

I have been emailing back and forth for the last 2 days. And looking on the Alz sites in Canada  the UK, the US and Australia  I have been following the CCSVI thing for the last year - why does it only apply to MS, it doesn't make any sense. But no one, NO ONE wants to talk about it. We have access to 3 doctors and when I wheedled and begged and got Al tested last Aug the GP was shocked at the results and the two specialists refuse to acknowledge. I am on my own. I can do nothing - I know where that will get us -in the home before he knows it! Just the big spiral down. What the hell is MS cog fog? Why/how is it different than dementia/alz? I mean, I'm sure it is different, but how? Blocked veins which constrict blood flow to the brain cannot be helpful.

March 16/11Two fleeces. Last week his glasses and a pair of winter gloves - found those. Now can't find his yoga mat. He remembers rolling it up last week..... and will he ever shut off a light again or flush that toilet? 

Strike 2

Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 7:45pm

Yesterday I had to cut up Alz debit card and his Am Express. He never uses the Amex unless we're at Costco, and the occasional dinner out when he wants to be able to show he can still pay and his debit card for $20 when he needs cash. But this is the 2nd offence. Last fall he bought a friggin cruise!! Out of Florida. I got it cancelled but after that hassle I will never set foot in that shxxhole Florida again. "My husband has Alzheimers - so you basically talked him into this" "really, then you two could probably use a holiday" Jesus! Anyway, the other day was strike 2. Pacing around, anxious - finally came out with it. He thinks he gave someone on the phone his pin number. Nope, doesn't know who, or for what. Anyway he has his card, I checked our account and Amex - all looks ok but I just can't take the chance again. Now he can't even go get $20 when he wants.

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