THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

June 2/14  I have been on "holidays" for a week.  Al went into respite on Monday May 26 and I will pick him up the day after I fly home tomorrow.  It is fabulous!  I feel rested, relaxed!  I am having a good time and enjoying my family and site seeing a bit without constantly looking for Al, watching Al, wondering what Al is doing if he is out of my site for more than 5 minutes.  I was very anxious about it but did a test run at the facility last month.  I have sent his regular support staff every day including weekends so Al can go out for a good walk, out for coffee etc. As he typically walks at least 8 km a day I knew that being rapped inside would be terrible for him.  each day staff texts me and says he is fine so I feel good about my plan and my decision.  There is no doubt that I wish the old Al would have been able to come and enjoy sites.  He would have loved the wine tasting!  He loved to travel and could make a simple day trip a holiday.  I miss him.  But I miss him every day at home too and I know he cannot differentiate between Niagra Falls and the lake he walks around every day.  So I am enjoying myself and am looking forward to picking him up on Wednesday.  

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