THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Staff called in sick, so it was another unexpected holiday for me.  On the positive: nice day, went for a good walk with Alz, did a little garden work... but the fact is I have a job.  Expectations.  And while I am lucky to have a very supportive working environment, tasks need to be completed, on certain days.  and taking an unplanned day here and there is...inconvenient at the very least - for customers, for collegues. and certainly for me.  But there aren't any choices.  he absolutely cannot be by himself. Way past that. And no where to send him.  VON provides a nice lunch and a tv and perhaps a bit of bingo or cards, locked up in a little space, they MAY be able to go out to the garden space for a bit of fresh air but since Al averages 10+ km a day that is not really going to cut it.  So I was off.  Again.  It seems like a minor thing, but I think it will be the little things that finishes me: a straw that will eventually break the camels back.  Days off work, dates with friends cancelled, meetings missed, trying to do a chore but stopping every 5 min to check that he hasn't gone for a walk, looking for the screwdriver I put down THERE not one minute ago, now looking for the drill. All his pants on the floor as he has been "organizing".  slippers on top of the china cabinet, my runners "put away" on the dining room table. it is the relentlessness of it all.  Every minute of every day.      

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