THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Nov 11/13 We were almost backup the hill when I noticed he had on a sneaker and a hiker and the sneaker is on the wrong foot.  Do your feet hurt?  No, why?  I had his hikers on him 10 minutes before we left and then just ran upstairs to get a sweater....he can be darned fast when he wants to be.  Having shoes on is his #1 thing in getting dressed.  On a sat morning, as I am coming up with coffees, there he is , underwear, maybe a tshirt, but also with his sneakers on.  If I don't take his shoes downstairs once he is in bed, they must be the first thing on.  But if he sees me taking the shoes he is immediately suspicious.  Where you going with those?  I need those. Those are mine!  Out of bed, getting those shoes.  And he always wants to tie them himself, which means trying to wrap them around his ankle and tieing a knot. and then of course, when he can't undo the knot, yank on them till be breaks them.  Because this is what he does now.  Hide, wreck, break.  Anything and everything.  And the wet weather means wet shoes, but asking him to take them off rather than track through the house - WHY?  how totally unreasonable of me! 

They are little things, but it is the little things that are wearing me down. 

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