THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

He hides shoes now.  Or he wears 2 different ones, one hiker and one runner.  Can’t find his glasses again.  But now they have been gone for weeks.  I think they may be somewhere in the garage but 2 hours there has been fruitless.  This morning, the back is gone off his cell phone and as soon as he was out the door with his support worker I finally hid the bike helmets to avoid any further discussion about how a bike helmet is not needed to walk outside.  Have to keep the remote control in a drawer all the time or that is 15 minutes every day.  One day, when I have actual time to really clean I will find a huge pile of all the things that I have spent countless hours hunting for.  On Thursday I foolishly put my cell phone down on the counter.  GONE!  I ask Al if he has picked it up.  Immediately on the defence.  NO.  Can you just check your pockets?  It isn't there. I had turned off the ringer for an earlier meeting so now I have to go from room to room trying to hear that little vibrate noise. And finally I can hear it, BY AL.  Not in his pockets, not in the coushions, or under the couch, not in/around/under/behind anything.  But each time I can hear that little vibration.  And finally, when I am helping him get changed, it is in his sock.  Now you would think those 20 times I called and it was vibrating against his ankle would have made him wonder what was causing that, but no, no sense of detail.  And I know that but I am still mad.  And he is mad, and it is a poor end to the day. 

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