THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

It has come up at the last 2 meetings - there is no extra capacity.  A friend sick, my sister worried about what would happen IF, there is no room for more.  No matter how much I would like to help, I can't.  This plate is FULL.  Plus, anything that happens is now more complicated.  Al had a pacemaker put in in Friday.  The bandages have to stay on for 7 days, no showers (challenge), activity a bit more laid back, NO lifting of anything over 5 pounds.  So as soon as he gets out of the car Friday night, he is trying to move the huge bundle of potting soil in the garage.  DON"T TOUCH IT!  Well!  Friday night I have booked extra home care (to deal with the no shower/soiled depends issues) and he is quite offended.  And Sat morning, first thing he is trying to pull the bandages off! When I checked at 4pm it had bled a little so a little trip to emergency to ensure all was ok.  Really - just trying to get through say 36 hours before he pulls the whole pacemaker out!  and every  min I am saying NO, don't pick that up!  cause all he really wants to do now is walk around and pick things up - as long as they are over 5 pounds.  how we will get though a month of this I have no idea.  First goal - one week to keep bandages on.

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