THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

I actually shushed him – told him not to talk.  The look on his face said everything but he did just that and I was relieved.  I hardly ever know what he is talking about anymore.   How was your day? Good.  What did you do today?   I don’t know.  Did you go to the volunteer lunch and did you see the guys you water with?  Hmm, maybe, I don’t know.  We went under and over, you know it goes up and up and then down?  He is waving his arms around showing me something – but what?  Didn’t you see the guys you water with at the hospital?  I think so.  I got it wrong, I wasn’t thinking.  He looks a bit distressed now.  Did you see them?  Yes.  Did you say hello?  Yes.  Well that was nice then.  Was lunch good?  Hmmm yes.  Yes, it was nice.  Up up over.  You know like this.  Well that sounds really nice then.  Typical conversation now.  But on Sunday we had just ran into someone he had known for many years – an acquaintance really, but they always used to have those little 10 min visits when we would run into him.  But of course, the friend is making conversation and Al is smiling, delighted to see him, yes, yes, up and over, swoosh!  You know?  The friend is confused.  He is looking at me.  I ask Al – are you talking about the seniors centre?  Yes, well, up and up and over. Lots of people, its pretty good!  I smile and ask the friend if he ever goes there.  No.  But he is polite, a few more pleasantries and off we go.  By the time we get to brunch I have had enough.  I am tired and cranky and don’t want to keep up all the conversation.  My aunt is trying so hard to listen to him, and have a little conversation but of course, its ridiculous and finally I just quietly tell him to stop.  He does what I ask, doesn’t protest about the obvious unfairness of it, how awful it makes him feel, how totally unsupportive and just plain mean such a thing is.  He is just quiet

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