THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

On w/e I am getting to master the 5 minute shower.  Constant fear of flight now.  2 weeks ago he took off from his worker.  I think he had been hanging around the house too long (an hour) and so when C went to the washroom Al left.  1.5 hours later I called police.  Friends and family thought it must have been terrifying but it wasn't.  I guess I knew this was coming.  So we checked his regular routes, all the usual spots he might go to.  The weather was fairly good and while he wasn't dressed particularly warm he did have a hoodie for warmth.  And I knew what he was wearing.  Police were great.  One good young fellow put on a couple of K with me up/down the coulees.  Al did answer his cell a couple of times but couldn't tell me where he was.  And when a young policeman pulled up beside him on a road, said his name and told him I was looking for him, Al happily took a ride home with him.  None worse for wear. and thanks to the friend who left work to stay at the house in case in showed up, and of course the multiple trips worker C took back and forth across the river bridge, a bit more anxious with each call.  But it all turned out.  Except now, on the w/e it is always at the back of my mind.  The fear of flight.  Sometimes I get him to vacuum thinking that as long as I can hear that going, I know he is still in the house.  Always ensuring he is at some little task that will hopefully keep him occupied till I am shut off the water and call out How's it going and wait to hear - its ok. 

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