THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

I tie his shoes most of the time now.  It is just easier.  I know I shouldn't, that the longer he does these small tasks himself, the longer he will be able to do them.  But if I dont' them, then when it is time for them to come off, they are in knots, and often wrapped around his ankles.  Lots of little things, that it is just easier if I do it myself. Help him get dressed, hide those things he needs in the am like phone, wallet, hearing aids and house key.  Then I don't have to look for them.  Same with his boots - hiding them so he doesn't keep putting them on.  Hiding his glove and his ball caps.  Easier to unload the dishwasher myself, but he helps and I can just move things from one cupboard to the other as we go, which he doesn't seem to notice.  Still shovels the sidewalk though, and the lawn and I try not to grit my teeth. 

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