THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Big mistake on Saturday. Went to Canadian Tire on the northside.  Won’t do that again.  What was I thinking?  Next to Can Tire is the A&W and Al says “A&W!  My dad is probably in there, I want to see him”.  We went through this at Christmas and I thought it had faded away.  Nope.  “No honey, I’m sorry, your dad is not there, your dad is gone, remember?  He passed away a long time ago.”  YOU THINK HE IS DEAD.  HE ISN’T.  MY SISTER TAKES HIM THERE AND THEY HAVE LUNCH.  WHY DON’T YOU EVER BELIEVE ME?  And so we go through it all again, your folks are both gone.  My folks are gone.  This is why we have your mom’s paintings and all of your dads tools in the garage…  He is MAD.  Slams the car door and heads for A&W.  I AM GOING TO SEE HIM.  I pull the car closer so that I will be there when he comes out, and he does. Defeated.  So dejected and sad. The wind taken out of his sails.  I call out so he can find me – come on, lets go into can tire and get those containers.  And he does.  But he is quiet, sad.  And I have no way to make it better.  We just keep going. 

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