THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

I got called at 11 am.  Al and his support worker were at the food bank where Al volunteers.  Everything was fine until "I can't do this" and down he went.  He didn't lose consciousness this time but kind of just got very weak and slid down to his knees.  Coudn't get up on his own.  This is event #4.  Each of the other times we have called the ambulance and gone to emergency only to be told 2 or 3 hours later "he is awesome on paper!"  Yes he is.  But today I jsut brought him home.  He slept for an hour, had a light lunch and relaxed for most of the afternoon, but now is pacing, ready to go out, much recovered and very bored.  He does not like to spend the day doing nothing.  Quite honestly this is not my first choice in how to spend a vacation day either.  I know it isn't his fault but I still resent it.  One more thing on the list of RESENTED THINGS. 

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