THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Grey’s Anatomy had the episode where Meredith’s mother “woke up!”  The character was a brilliant surgeon with Alzheimers who woke up one morning completely coherent and they had this big visit.  Really?  Does that ever actually happen?  By the end of the Christmas season I had just about enough of Al.   And I thought, wouldn’t that be great?  If he actually “woke up” for a day – man I’d give him a blast – just how bad this is, can’t dress himself, doesn’t know the difference between a cell phone and shoes, can barely tie his shoes, how he has to be told everything 5 times.  How tired I am and how I never signed on for this. 

One day.  Can you imagine getting him back for one whole day?  To talk, and it actually make sense.  To participate in conversation, get his opinion, talk with friends about the world, politics, the hockey strike, our next vacation.  He was great.  LOVED to talk politics and hockey.  Loved to cook, to enjoy a new beer and a nice wine.  Spend time with friends.  Funny, relaxed, confident.  One day.  To have him back with me one more time. 

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