THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

June 5/15 Its a drive, and a half day for me as my support group is 2 hours away.  But where would I be without them?  But Tues meeting brought home the reality of just how luck I really am.  Again. My Al was always so laid back, and with just a few exceptions still is.  All my planning, all my efforts worked for him. Getting him out and about every day, keeping him busy, on the go,  just like a job. And he did it.  But what if he hadn't?  As our colleague Larry said "if you know one person with Alzheimers, you know one person with Alzheimers".  My Al never had "clothes" issues.  Every morning at home he got up and hit the shower as he had all of our life together.  And put on clean clothesI I never had to hide the dirty clothes, I never had to argue about what he was wearing.  And he always, and still does get in the shower when I suggest it.  But what if he wouldn't have?  What if the water frightened him, or he just got too cold?  What would our lives have been if he refused to go outside anymore?  Or to accept that others (support workers) were with him?  I hear the stories over and over again and wish that I had one good suggestion, one good experience that would work for someone else.  But the reality is that I am lucky.  And they are not.

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