THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

His birthday is in Feb, always a good time for a tropical beach vacation away from the snow and the cold.  His 40th was Florida and the Bahamas.  His 50th was Hong Kong, Bali and Thailand.  55 in India, 60 in Huatulco Mexico. Lots in between and even some in the last few, but it just got too hard.   65 should be the year of freedom, a celebration when many of us look forward to retirement.  But he didn't get to retire, he lost his job. Luckily I guess, he doesnt know that anymore.  One of the little consolations.   On Wed he will be 65.  What to do to celebrate this momentous occasion?  No more holidays, even a 2 hour car trip is difficult.  He doesnt understand where he is or Why.  Can I bring him home for supper with just our very closest friends?  I don't know what to do.  It just doesn't feel like anything worth celebrating.  And he won't know.  If the day just came and went he wouldn't know the difference.  I was trying to find him a birthday present, but what?  Can't read anymore, can't travel, certainly does not need any tools, or beautiful things.  I could wrap any of a number of his cherised Royal Dalton figurines, he loved their detail.  Any one would be new to him.    He has enough clothes to last him years.  He used to love to go out for dinner, but I don't think he will have the patience to sit. Nope, looks like bowling and cake at the Seniors Centre.  Freedom 65. 

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