THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

I have been to visit a few times - I vowed 3 times a week - no more.  The new normal is back to work, time to work out and get back in shape, time to visit with friends, time to get my life back.  And I think he is ok.  And I think I am too.  His support staff goes every day, so each day he still goes out into community.  I think this is important - to not hae too many changes at once.  So each day - out for a good walk, a coffee, a swim a couple times a week, the seniors centre that has been so unbelievably supportive through this.  And each day when I come home, it is quiet, relaxed and everything is still where I left it - a small thing but one that had been so damned annoying.  I find I am nesting a bit, enjoying my space and my time here.  Thinking about the renewal projects I am eager to undertake.  And when I visit him, it is good. I don't regret my time, I don't have to think about what is or isn't getting done. I can spend my time with him and actually enjoy his company again.  St Mikes is fabulous.  I feel so priviledged that he is there.  The staff is great, and it is obvious because every time I go to see him, regardless of the time of day, he is clean, content, relaxed and happy.  It was the right time.  And we are ok.   

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