THIS is Alzheimers

Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Aug 24/14  Sometimes I think it is just getting easier.  Because Al is slowing down a bit, he doesn't need to gogogogo, he is more content just hanging out and seems to enjoy his time at home more.  I think he doesn't feel like he is missing something if he is not out.  He still loves to go - Costco yesterday which he always loves.  Physically, he seems a bit easier too - or perhaps I am just better at handling things. We are both a little more content.  And I am enjoyinghis company more these days.  Right now, its a good place.  I wonder why this is - I hear of others struggles with anger and I wonder if it is because for so many years I Al has really been denied very little.  Want to walk? Lets go.  Go here?  go there?  why not?  I have insisted that staff t{jcomments off}hat cannot walk 5 or 6 km at a time and go up and down hills couldn't work with him.  While it has made it hard to find people, I think (certainly no proof) that it has been helpful.  He has always been allowed to set his own pace.  I know if I am not allowed to do the things I want I am frustrated so why doesn't that apply to everyone.  More and more I see the need for supported continuance in the community.  And the need for real "out of the boxing" thinking. 

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