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w/ Dr. Al Power

Presenting a powerful series from Dr. Al Power

Grab a cup of  your favorite beverage—this is not a short collection. Unlocking doors is neither quick nor easy; otherwise everyone would be doing it. For those who cannot visualize how this can be done safely, much groundwork may need to be done before you can succeed.

Linked below you will find each installment of Dr. Power's 4 part series:
The Hidden Restraint 1 - Featured Image
Imagine if we considered locked doors as restraints.
The Hidden Restraint 2 - Featured Image
Every one of us walks every day, whenever and wherever we wish. So walking—inside and outside—is normal behavior.
The Hidden Restraint 3 - Featured Image
Unlocking door enables everyone’s basic human right to move freely.
The Hidden Restraint 4 - Featured Image
"All-or-none thinking" and "surplus safety" make it difficult for organizations to visualize a pathway to unlocking doors.
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