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Another tax credit available to families of adults with disabilities is the Caregiver Amount or Caregiver Tax Credit. If, at any time in the year, you maintained a dwelling where you and a dependant lived, you may be able to claim this amount. The caregiver tax credit is the almost same dollar amount as the Disability Tax Credit Supplement at $4608.00 for the 2015 taxation year. The credit can replace the Disability Tax Credit Supplement which ends at age 18. (the Disability Tax Credit itself continues after age 18). The dependant must be 18 years or older when they lived with you and must be dependent on you due to a mental or physical infirmity. Also, the dependent’s net income (line 236) cannot exceed $20,343 in 2015 or $22,436 if the dependant is eligible for the Family Caregiver amount. The Family Caregiver Tax Credit can increase this amount by $2093.00 for qualified people. More information on the Caregiver Tax Credit can be found on Canada Revenue Agency’s web site by following the link at:

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