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Often meetings with “official” people, evoke some feelings of discomfort. After the meeting, many of think “I wish I had said this….” To have a meeting which meets your needs try the following:

  1. Write down everything you want to talk about. The key to a good meeting is to be very clear on what you want to present and what you want them to do. It is fine to take notes into a meeting.
  2. Google the name of the person you are meeting with.  Know a bit about what they do, responsibilities etc.
  3. Ask if you can record it. Most people are NOT comfortable with this, it feels as though you are trying to trap them. But some are ok with it, ofen it dependent on subject matter. If not recording, don’t be hurried: take good notes.  You can be obvious about it – actually better if you are so they don’t think you are hiding anything. If the meeting is very important, take someone with you to take notes.
  4. As a wind up, review with them, particularly the next steps and followup; what are they going to do, is there information they have agreed to get for you, when can you expect it? What have you agreed to do, and when?
  5. Send your notes to them by email within a few days. Thank them for the meeting and ask them to review the notes and email back any notes they don’t believe you captured correctly.

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