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Early Onset Dementia Alberta: EODA.CA

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to understand people’s (specifically, adults (18+), older adults (65+), friends and families of residents in care, health care professionals and decision makers) experiences and ideas of key issues and possibilities within the long term care system (LTC) in Alberta, using Calgary as a case example.

What Will I Be Asked to Do?

Your participation is voluntary. If you agree to participate in the study you will be asked to attend a two hour audio-taped focus group and, at a later date, a two hour feedback session at a community location (e.g., community hall, library).

At the focus group, questions will be asked about your experiences, perspectives, and ideas about issues and possibilities in LTC, and who is involved (and their respective roles) in addressing the key issues and realizing future possibilities. The focus group will be audio-tape recorded and you must agree to this in order to participate. This will make sure we include all responses in the analysis. You may stop participating in the study at any time but if you have already shared your ideas in the focus group we will need to keep the information you have shared since we won’t be able to remove your comments from the shared group comments.

At the feedback sessions participants will have the opportunity to review a draft copy of the policy brief (both in written and video format) to ensure their perspectives, experiences, and ideas are correctly represented. The feedback sessions will not be audio-taped recorded.

What Type of Personal Information Will Be Collected?

On the day of the focus group session, you will be asked to provide your first name and to share your experiences, perspectives, and ideas about LTC. Your name will be removed from the focus group transcript and replaced with a number. At the end of the focus group you will be asked to provide your email or phone number, so that the research team can inform you about the feedback session at a later date. After the feedback sessions, any identifying information (includes your name, email and/or phone number) will be deleted. The research team will keep the information you share confidential.

Information you share in the focus group will be summarized with other participants’ responses so that they will be anonymous. Some experiences, perspectives, and ideas shared at the focus group may be included in the policy brief, reports, and public presentations about the project as examples of themes but they will be anonymous with a generic identifier (e.g., one participant or one family member of a LTC resident said) used to protect your identity.

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