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Emma, Kathryn & Carolyn are all in their early twenties and living in Toronto. They have all graduated from University and are getting their careers going in their specific fields. They all have boyfriends and are close to their families and friends. They also have something else in common, they each have a mother who was diagnosed with dementia at an early age. This film will follow each of the young women as they find themselves and cope with their life at home, caring for an ailing parent. They are all coming to terms with the fact that they are Much Too Young to face this harsh reality.

Much Too Young will paint a picture of what it’s like to have an ailing parent at such a young age. It will follow three young women as they try and live their lives while sacrificing a huge part of it to help with their ailing mothers. The film will also follow these women as they try and take a more proactive role and create advocacy and education initiatives about a disease that is lacking in funds and awareness in their home city.

In 2011 the girls formed Memory Ball, a charity event to raise money and in three years the group has raised more than $120,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.Memory Ball has become one of the premiere charity gala events of the Toronto social calendar, attracting a wide range of attendees including young professionals, their parents, grandparents, business leaders, entrepreneurs, students, artists and more.

Much Too Young will tell a story that goes beyond the disease and primary caregiver. It will show the ripple effect of a disease like this. Each girl will have to make some significant choices over the next year. Emma will have to decide on the type of work she wants to do and how she will be able to take the time off that she needs. Kathryn will have to decide how much she wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer, which will take her away from home for longer stretches. Carolyn, along with her family, will have to decide about placing their mother into a long term care facility. The film will conclude at the fourth annual Memory Ball in 2015. This is where we will see all three girls and their families come together to help create education, awareness and raise funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s.

The film is being co-produced thru Nomad Films in Toronto who has produced films for CBC, Sundance Channel, National Geographic,

W Network, CBC’s Nature of Things, WDR/ARTE; WDR, National Geographic, TVO, TFO, SBS, CTV, Discovery, and PBS.

The Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto has agreed to help support the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by posting it in their news letter and social media feeds.

The film will be finished by the end of 2015.

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